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  • Welcome Yangzhou Deyou Line Cable Co.,Ltd Website!

    Phone: 0514-88781898   13801440700      

    Our strength

    More than 10 years of technical experience, providing all-round product service.

    About deyou

    The state high-tech enterprise, yangzhou deyoucable co., LTD. Is located in the northern suburb of yangzhou, the famous historical and cultural city, the beijing-hangzhou grand canal, the famous "land of lotus root" in baoying county. The traffic is convenient here, the beijing-shanghai expressway, the huaiyang town high-speed railway crossing, five minutes to the high-speed railway station.   Yangzhou deyou cable co., LTD., is a leading product technology services company, after years of arduous pioneering, has developed into a certain scale of the high and lo


    Product display

    Deyou cable has more than 10 years of technical experience, providing all aspects of product technical services


    Technical strength

    The choice of more well-known customers makes excellent enterprises more excellent.



    Learn about the latest company information, the latest information about cable cables.

    Enterprise culture +MORE

      The enterprise embodies not only the relationship between people and things, but also the relationship between people. This means that enterprises are not only production organizations and economic organizations...
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